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Gliondar Mara Enrolment Policy

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Bunscoil Buachaillí Réalt na Mara


This policy is set out in accordance with the provisions of the Education Act, 1998. The Board of Management trusts that by so doing, parents will be assisted in relation to enrolment matters. Furthermore, the Board of Management and the Principal will be happy to clarify any further matters arising from the policy.
Buncscoil Buachaillí Réalt na Mara is a mainstream national school with an ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder)  EIC ( Early Intervention Class) and School Going Class.

Our Aim
Our ASD class aims to offer an autism specific learning environment within a mainstream national school. We aim to facilitate students with ASD in our local area. This setting facilitates optimum inclusion as part of the school community with access to mainstream activities as appropriate to each child’s needs / abilities. We also aim to facilitate students with ASD in our local area.

Criteria for Enrolment in A.S.D. Class
Subject to sufficient places being made available in the ASD class, the criteria for enrolment to the ASD class, incorporating the Dept. of Education policy are as follows:

1. An Enrolment Application Form provided by the school should be fully completed by the parents/guardians on behalf of the child.

2. This Enrolment Application Form should be accompanied by a recent psychological assessment or a report from a member of a multi-disciplinary team should be provided. Please note all reports in operation on a child should be provided to the school.

3. The child must have a primary diagnosis of Autism / Autistic Spectrum Disorder made using the DSM-V or ICD 10 by the psychologist or a member of the Multi-Disciplinary Team.  

4. There must be a recommendation by a member of the Multi-Disciplinary Team in the report that a special class placement in a mainstream school is both necessary and suitable for the child.

5. a)  A child can take up a place in the Early Intervention Class on/after his third birthday. The upper age limit for inclusion in the EIC is five. (A child cannot be six during the school year).

  b) In School Going Class there will be no more than a maximum of a two year age gap between students.

6. a) Placement in the EIC and School Going Class is subject to a yearly review. Parents will be advised as to the child’s future schooling at this yearly review.

   b) With regard to placement in School Going Class children enrolled in EI Class will be given first refusal should a place become available.

   c) Where there is more than one child from EI Class seeking this place a lottery will take place to decide who is placed in the School Going Class.

7. The cut off point for placement in School Going Class is the week ending 11th March.
Preference will be given to children in the EIC and then on a first come first served basis, ie all applicants who have all relevant documentation supplied to the school.

8. In each ASD Special Class there will be a maximum of six students to each teacher and a minimum of two SNAs. Should the number of applicants exceed the number of places, a waiting list is put in place.

9. a) When an enquiry is made re ASD Unit names are automatically placed on an Expression of Interest List.
   b) In order to be placed on the Waiting List parents / guardians must supply the school with all reports specifying that the child meets all requirements to attend Early Intervention or School Going Class.
    c) If a place is secured in another unit please inform school that you no longer wish to remain on the Waiting List.
10. Once a place has been offered in the special class it is a requirement by the school that a written response from parents is sent, within FIVE days, to confirm acceptance of the place.

11. The parents of the child must accept and agree to the school’s Code of Behaviour and the terms of this policy.

Please note that fulfilling the enrolment criteria does not necessarily ensure enrolment if sufficient places are not available and/or sufficient classroom space is not available in either class.
Also, enrolment in the Early Intervention Class does not entitle the child to a place in either School Going Class or in a class in the mainstream school once the period of Early Intervention has finished. Placement in ASD Special Class or EI Class does not entitle siblings to attend mainstream classes.
This policy will be reviewed annually.

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