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Standardised Tests & Results

As you are aware, all classes from 1st to 6th undertook standardised tests at the end of May. This year we will use Aladdin Connect to report standardised test results to parents as they will be included in the school reports.
This year we administered new up-to-date English tests from the ERC (Educational Research Centre, Drumcondra). The tests were redeveloped as research suggested that tests generally get easier over time, as familiarity with content increases.
For some children this may mean the result in their standardised English test (compared with previous years) may be significantly lower. It is important to remember that by comparing with last year or previous results, you are not comparing like with like, these are new tests, with new standardised norms. Please see the attached link to a letter from the ERC, which explains the changes in further detail.
The most significant change in relation to the English test used for 1st class is that this test is now a screening test, and as a result there is no STen score generated. Instead there will be a standard score included in your son’s report.
Drumcondra maths tests administered this year were the same ones used in previous years but in May 2020 the pupils will be tested using the new maths tests.
Please refer to the links below for an explanation of STen scores, standard scores and also further information regarding the new Drumconda tests.


Parents/Care givers, Please note that we do not allow invitations to parties to be given out in our school or on the school grounds. This is because it is a potential source of disappointment and hurt for those who are not invited.

Meetings with Teachers
If you wish to meet with your son`s teacher, please give adequate notice to the teacher in writing via your son`s homework sheet, communication copy, school homework journal or via the school office. Schools are busy places.
It is not okay to drop in to talk to teacher or to feel that you can have an impromptu `quick word` first thing in the morning or on picking up your child in the evening. This takes away from valuable teaching and preparation time for every pupil in your son`s class.
Every teacher has a tight schedule of classes and of preparation for classes. They are more than happy to meet however, if given sufficient notice. This works in your favour too because they will have had time to consult with any information they have and bring  fuller picture of any issues to the meeting.

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